About Us

The purpose of this blog is to provide useful insights about the field that we cover and to guide you as a user.

It is not easy to face legal matters on your own. P-Hoshigaoka, Attorneys at Law, will help you so that you are able to address various legal issues with confidence and competence. Our firm feels committed to offering dedicated and responsive services to our clientele. Our legal attorneys will focus on issues that will be of prime importance to you such preservation of family assets and protection of family members. They will respect your dignity and your wishes.

Our central objective is to protect the rights and the interests of our clients regardless of whether we are assisting clients with drafting of a trust deed or a will or undertaking power of attorney. We also take care of nursing home plans, health care proxy and other related miscellaneous matters.

P-Hoshigaoka has a team of dedicated attorneys who keep in touch with their clients and know about the issues that matter most to these clients. They work closely with their clients in matters of estate planning. They take full time to listen to these clients and understand them in terms of their family history, their financial standing and their objectives on a long term basis. After learning about important matters concerning these clients, they create a plan and then enact a comprehensive scheme to meet those particular objectives. They assist with the most complex of tax matters and are deeply involved in matters of probate and estate planning.

Besides a large range of probate and estate plans and services concerning elder law, our attorneys also help clients with matters of tax law that include both corporate and personal income taxes. Extra services provided by our firm include guardianship matters, residential real estate closing, formation of businesses and animal companion trusts.

P-Hoshigaoka strives to maintain and foster a culture that is founded on a platform of diversity which includes teamwork, respect and inclusion. We hold a strong belief that our team of attorneys values their broad range of experience and ideas as a diverse unit to help solve your legal problems with an innovative and effective style. We implement our commitment towards diversity and towards a culture of inclusiveness through proper initiatives and programs throughout our firm. We are proud to participate in the community and represent our firm and the legal profession through our team of legal attorneys.